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Four Fantastic Hotel Industry Trends in 2020


The world is developing at a very fast pace. Change in technology, innovations in every sector, and shift towards digital aspects have made the demographics and economic changes over the last few years. This is very much proven in the hotel industry where many companies have completely changed the way the hotels' function. With the latest technology and customer requirements, the hotel industry trends are rapidly changing and these are the current trends in the hospitality and tourism industry to look out for:


In the current scenario of global warming and drastic environmental changes, Sustainability has been one of the major hotel industry trends. Achieving maximum output with minimum use of energy is the primary focus. Also, less use of plastics and being eco-friendly, the sustainability trend looks promising in shaping the future of the hotels. Hence, many hotels are initiating various campaigns and programs for eco-hotels and sustainability.


To improvise guest experiences, hotels are incorporating Internet Of Things (IoT) and customising the way they function. These include motion sensors in the rooms, heating and cooling systems, entertainment, innovative lighting systems and controlling the entire room with a touch of tablet or voice recognition. However, Alexa is famous across the globe for smart automation process, and hotels are transforming with Alexa into smart hotels. Also, Some people incorporating smart systems at homes, the hotels are implementing the same to develop a greater connection with their audience.


A very impressive and creative concept that hotels are developing to attract more customers, VR very popular and is present in amusements parks and gaming experiences. This provides a chance for customers to view the landscape and the property of the hotel before they book. It helps them, to have a real feel and experience of their stay and explore the destination. One can feel the real atmosphere by taking a tour of the hotels. Renowned companies such as Sony Electronics and Microsoft providing great VR experiences, it has become one of the new hospitality trends.


Letting the ease of operations and interactions with customers, AI is one of the current trends in hospitality. Many businesses have started using AI to resolve customer queries and for reservation purposes with chatbots. These chatbots can resolve any queries and can guide with the reservation process. Machine learning and data analysis forming the core of AI in the hotel industry, it has helped to create and implement marketing strategies effectively.

Keeping up to date in the hotel industry is very important to create excellent customer service. However, these trending aspects have a major role to play in the upcoming generations of technology.
What do you think about them? Have you ever experienced any of these technologies in the hotel industry?