Novotel Sydney International Airport Blog

March 22, 2019

The Impact of Mobile Technology on Corporate Travellers

With the fast changing digital technology it is safe to say that almost everyone has been touched by its impact. When it comes to the travel industry, it has been influenced on a large and a rapid scale due to the growth of social media. In order to gain quicker access to their target audience, channels like Instagram & Facebook are immediately updated by travellers capturing and displaying beautiful visuals

When it comes to corporate travel, the scenario is not that different

Corporate travel is a lot about the relationship between companies and their travel partners. It is about how quickly and accurately these travel companies can get people from one place to another, especially when it directly affects their customers’ deadlines and travel times.

Another important factor affecting travellers is the digital platform used to make bookings and interact with the travel partners. People are becoming more and more reliant on mobile technology, leaving behind desktop computers in the race and making it essential for travel partners to stay updated with the latest technology.

According to a survey, Sixty percent of corporate travellers felt that the key factor for a successful travel partnership is an efficient and reliable mobile platform

Guests’ basic expectations are constantly increasing from their travel and accommodation partners like hotels and resorts. Mobile check-ins, booking transfers, shopping, self-shuttle booking service and speedy Wi-Fi are some of the facilities that have become a deciding factor for many travellers.

Corporate travellers need constant access to their emails along with increased mobile capability to stay connected with their family, friends and colleagues. This has led to an emergence of various travel applications flooding the market, which clearly shows how mobile technology is changing the travel space on day to day basis. 

We at Novotel Sydney International Airport have taken a step in this direction ensuring smoother, faster and friendlier processes for our corporate travellers

Now our guests can book their own shuttle to Sydney Airport with our shuttle provider with a touch of a button in the lobby. 

Internally, AccorHotels have invested in latest technologies which help to remember our guests’ preferences which in turn let us save our guests’ time and exceed their expectations.

We are also trying to address the customers on social media who might not enquire through phone or email but ask us on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Both, suppliers and clients can now enquire about meeting spaces and book with us with a click of a button through our “Enquire Now page”

These are definitely very interesting times for the travel and accommodation industry as there is constant innovation to help make travellers happier by contributing with smoother operations. We at Novotel are also constantly keeping up with these innovations to ensure our guests’ experience the highest level of comfort and service.