Novotel Sydney International Airport Blog

March 11, 2020



According to the Business Events Council of Australia, there are around 400,000 conferences held with a budget worth more than $23m each year. However, conference planning is always stressful and takes ample time, organising an event has evolved into a completely different journey over time. 

So what are the important tips for the successful creation of wonderful conferences and business meetings? Here we gathered some of the most important points to share with you:

1. Location

One of the most important aspects of conducting a conference is the location.It should be convenient and feasible for everyone to commute and conduct the event. It should be free from all distraction and must have all the amenities. One must also consider the aspects of accommodation and parking facilities available especially when the conferences prolong for more than a day, accommodation and parking play a major role. Finally, a diverse mix of all the facilities is highly essential.

2. Food and Beverage

A successful conference is remarkably noted by the taste of the food served in the event. A healthy, tasty, and delicious food is the key to keep the guests and the members satisfied. Award-winning chefs and their delicious recipes are highly in demand to create a memorable episode. Event planners demanding the best food for the occasion, the standards of food and beverage has risen. From a range of cuisines to quality of teas and coffees, these play a major role to demonstrate the success of conferences.

And don't forget to consider any food restriction or allergy for your guests in advance, you can easily consider it as a part of your registration form.

3. Audio and Video Setup

What is a conference without good audio and visuals? Living in the world of enriched digital lifestyle, high-quality audio and video, have changed the way that we see and hear. It is important to provide the relevant specifications and communicate with organisers about the exact AV setup for the event. Double-check the requirements and systems before the agenda and ensure there are no issues. A good AV is the key to a successful presentation.

4. Service

It’s hard to manage a large crowd, however with proper planning and resources, the ability to manage the crowd can be uncomplicated. Great guest service agents will keep a track of all your needs and wants and will request to provide the information way ahead to the event.

The best service agents will allot a dedicated onsite coordinator to handle all the queries and provide quotes and suggestions for pricing and other requirements of the clients. So always preferring a hotel with the best service creates the best events.

5. Meeting Room Set-Up

So that you have got a perfect place, good food, great location, and world-class service, what’s next to have the event lit up? A perfectly designed meeting room! The flexibility of arranging and decorating the meeting space is very important, as it gets the vibes and decorum of the environment that is perfectly suitable for the occasion.

Providing the specifications and themes for the events is crucial. Various setup styles such as U-shape, Cluster, Theatre, Banquet, Classroom, and Cocktail should be designed for those particular meetings. Therefore, contact the relevant Events manager of the hotel to design the style of the room that is suitable for the occasion.