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6 Weekend Getaways Out of Sydney | Within 3 Hours of Sydney

If you’re experiencing serious wanderlust, and bombarded on social media with feeds full of European adventures and tropical getaways, keep reading to see 6 weekend getaways out of Sydney. The best part? It’s all within 3 hours by plane or car.

For avid travellers, you’ll know that familiar rush of excitement when you’re about to arrive at a new destination. Whether by car or plane, there’s a surprising number of places close to Sydney!



It’s amazing how far and wide we scramble off to, and what we miss close by to home. That’s how I felt when I first embarked on one of the Southern Highland Tourist Drives! From Bowral to Kangaroo Valley and all the different sights along the way, expect to be wowed! There’s really no describing the highlands as they change season to season. Watch the red leaves of Autumn make way for Winter and the blossoming of flowers in spring. It’s really a magical sight and one you must do if you’re only a few hours away in Sydney.

Did I mention the different drives take you from the most amazing natural sights such as Fitzroy Falls to little historical towns such as Kangaroo Valley!


The south boasts beautiful coastal towns with a unique mix of everything from old historical villages such as Berry to beautiful white sand beaches in Jervis Bay! Be amazed as you leave the cityscapes of Sydney and wander into a relaxing drive in the South Coast. Let the road take you somewhere new and watch as you forget all your weekday woes.


My first visit to the central coast was from the recommendation of a friend, who’s amazement after a romantic weekend getaway convinced me I had to follow her steps. Staying near the Entrance and Long Jetty, two traveller favourites, there was really just a bit of everything! From beautiful harbour settings to beaches and jetties, the central coast offers such a multitude of sights to remember! Must dos? I would say walking along the three jetties at Long Jetty around sunset and heading to Norah’s lighthouse for a short stroll.



As Sydneysiders, our neighbours in Melbourne deserve more attention than they receive. With The Great Ocean Road considered the most beautiful drive in Australia and so close to home, it definitely deserves more attention!


Just three hours to Queensland, enjoy sunshine and warm weather when you’re sick of this winter chill. A tropical favourite that’s a world from Sydney’s cityscape, Port Douglas is a personal favourite for an escape out of Sydney. Running to the north brings rainforest tours and adventures as well as beautiful sights of palm trees, beaches and sunsets.


Hobart’s iconic sights down south is another one close by to Sydney! The small city has a wealth of sights to offer. There’s all the natural beauty you could wish for not to mention a dynamic food scene and a tangible sense of history. It has all the quiet and calmness you’ve been missing! 

Stop dreaming about those European adventures and tropical getaways! Start planning your weekend getaway which you can do now! Escape your daily worries and enjoy the journey to a new adventure within 3 hours of Sydney! If you’re leaving via Sydney Airport, let us spoil you with a Stay, Park & Fly offer starting from $223 including 7 nights car parking, overnight accommodation for two and shuttle services! or even you would enjoy your time in The Marke Kitchen & Bar with our new menu!