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March 22, 2019

4 ways to relax after a stressful working week

Here are 4 easy and fun ways to relax after a stressful working week to get you in tip-top shape again.

We’re all guilty of using the phrase ‘not tonight, I’m exhausted’ but is saying no actually making us more tired? We all have our ways of rejuvenating ourselves.  For some, that’s quality time with our friends, for others it’s quiet down time catching up with a good book. So we’re here to give you a few ideas on activities that could help you re-energise yourself after a long work week.


Even though it seems counterintuitive, exercise gets the blood flowing and clears the mind. This somehow makes us feel better and more energised than before. Going for a ten minute run after work might do wonders for you if your energy levels are at an all-time low! But, if you’re more of a homebody and prefer something more Zen, spend 30 minutes unwinding with some yoga.

Quality time with friends

Do you notice that buzz you get after a night out catching up with some of your best friends? Well, it’s actually really good for your general wellbeing and productivity! This is one that always works wonders for me personally when that uninspired mood hits. Hop into the fun and cosy The Marke Kitchen and Bar at Novotel Sydney International Airport to try one of the new cocktails that is sure to give you the boost you need!

Tick off that thing that’s been on your to do list for too long 

There’s always a spot in my city which I’ve had on my to-visit list for just a little too long. It’s within a reasonable distance but when the time comes I’m just a little too lazy to organise it. Whether it’s the Bondi to Coogee walk or finally trying out this amazing restaurant all your friends have been telling you about, now is the time to go for it! Tick it off and experience something new!

A short getaway out of Sydney

If all else fails to get you re-energised and inspired again, a weekend getaway might be exactly what you need. Think renting a car and driving on the Great Ocean Road, seeing the Apostles or visiting the penguins on Phillip Island. We’ve been seeing guests come and go with Novotel Sydney International Airport’s Stay, Park & Fly offer which is too good to skip! We’ve got a special offer starting from just $223 for overnight accommodation, up to 7 nights parking and a return shuttle to the airport. You can escape to Melbourne for a long weekend and we’ll take care of all the rest!

 So relax and enjoy one of these 4 things that’s sure to help you relax after a long work week!