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The Secret Behind the Marke Fantastic Cocktails!

Our experienced bartender revealed some secrets about making fantastic cocktails!

After a long day, there is nothing better than a chilled hand-made cocktail, don’t you agree?

To find out more about our special handmade cocktails, using the finest ingredients, here is our interview with Tim Hicks – The Marke Kitchen & Bar’s Restaurant and Bar Manager, talking about his experiences and specifically about his innovative approach of making cocktails that are unbeatable!

1) Tim, please tell us a little about your journey in the hospitality industry.

Working in hospitality since 14 years old, the first job as a kitchen hand in a Mexican restaurant in South Australia.

Since then I have worked across multiple styles of venues including cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels & resorts, in Australia and internationally, and now it is more than 7 years that I am working with Accor Hotels and I have been “The Marke Kitchen & Bar” manager since day 1 of the rebranding.

2) What inspires you to create such amazing cocktails?

I like to base my cocktails on the traditional idea of recipes starting with a base spirit, a flavouring agent, sour component & sweet component.

I want our beverages to have great colour and garnish, yet still trying to keep it simple. Ideally, I do not want a drink to take more than 3-4 minutes to make during service. I keep my eye on what other venues are doing, Instagram and what spirits or mixers are popular or new at the time.

3) What is your funniest memory in your career?

That’s a secret, yet generally involves getting up to no good

4) What is the origin of these fantastic names like "Busy & Important" that you chose for your hand-made cocktails?

Our current cocktail menu is based on the idea that we wanted to create recipes that represent different suburbs and feelings of living in Sydney.

I went with mostly refreshing lighter style flavours and a few low alcohol options. We want to create an experience that would challenge any popular Sydney venue. The cocktails were created with that in mind and hence the names.

5) You made a wide-range of takeaway cocktails, what has been the idea behind this innovation?

Our take away cocktail concept was put together very quickly after the restaurant was forced to close due to COVID-19.

We needed to adapt to the situation we were in at the time. This goes hand in hand with our Pantry concept, having two classic recipes; the Negroni and Old Fashioned and two signatures; The Camperdown and the Cape Byron.

All these cocktails are made using all non-perishable ingredients and are great simply served over ice with a slice of your favourite fruit. This keeps it simple for the customer and allows for great shelf life. The two signatures use locally distilled gins from the Central Coast and Byron Bay. Keeping with our belief in using local suppliers and keeping it regional.

6) Which cocktails do you mostly suggest to your customers to try?

When suggesting a cocktail I usually ask the guest that what their preferred flavours are sweet or dry, fruity or citrus etc. Then make a suggestion from there.

We have a great range of flavours so there is something for everyone. My personal favourite is the “Camperdown”, as I like dry and citrus. Yet someone who likes sweet or fruity may prefer the “Summer Obsession”, our Bondi beach-inspired cocktail. Someone who likes something with a bit more punch would probably go for the “Busy & Important” as there is a lot going on with flavours of smoke, nuts & citrus.


Don’t forget to check out our cocktails here and we would be more than happy to host you with a chilled handmade cocktail by Tim at The Marke Kitchen & Bar!