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How to Walk from Sydney Airport to Novotel Sydney International Airport

So you’ve just touched down in Sydney after your long-haul international flight and you can’t wait to get off the plane and stretch your legs. Maybe you’re up for a bit of a walk?

When you stay with us at Novotel Sydney International Airport you get the benefit of convenient accommodation in Sydney’s airport precinct, without the commotion and noise of the airport itself.

Novotel Sydney International Airport is located alongside Cahill Park and the Cooks River, 20 minutes’ walk away from the International Terminal.

It's a great choice if you're looking for a Sydney airport hotel near the International terminal. You can book your Sydney airport accommodation here.

How to Travel between Sydney Airport and Novotel Sydney International Airport

There are a few ways for you to make your way between the airport and hotel. On this page you'll get a step-by-step guide to walking from Sydney airport to Novotel Sydney International Airport.

If you’d prefer not to walk, you can take the airport shuttle or get a taxi or rideshare from the bays outside of the airport terminal. If you're driving yourself, the hotel has underground car parking available to guests. The drive from Sydney airport to the hotel is around 5 minutes.

Walking from Sydney International Airport to Novotel Sydney International Airport Hotel

The walk begins outside of the International terminal on a dedicated footbridge and cycleway.

Note: The layout and size of Sydney airport means you can’t walk between the Domestic and International Terminals. That means if you'd like to walk to the hotel but you’re coming from Sydney Airport’s Domestic Terminal, you’ll first need to take the free airport terminal transfer bus, known as the T-Bus, from Domestic to International. There are regular departures from outside arrivals and the journey takes about 10 minutes. 

From International, when you exit the terminal building, you’ll walk past the big ‘SYD’ letters as you head towards the road crossing into the P7 parking station.

Walk past the SYD sign and cross the road, walking into the P7 car park.

Inside the P7 car park, head up the escalators to the Cycleway on level 1.

Once you’re on level 1, walk around the escalators towards the car parking spaces and keep your eye out for the sign that reads ‘Footbridge & Cycleway’, you’ll see it directs you onto a walking path.

Follow the sign’s arrow to enter the Footbridge and Cycleway and begin your walk towards Wolli Creek where you’ll find Novotel Sydney International Airport hotel.

Be mindful of other walkers and cyclists who you may be sharing the path with. Be sure to keep on your designated side of the pathway so others can pass.

Continue on. If you look to your left, across the Cooks River you'll see the ‘Novotel’ sign and get your first glimpse of where you’re headed.

Stay on the path and walk under the bridge. The path will soon loop around and you’ll be using the bridge you just walked under to cross the river towards the hotel.

Where the sign says ‘Arncliffe, Wolli Creek’ veer right up the path.

When you come to the end of that short path, turn right onto the footpath on the bridge that will take you over the Cooks River.

Enjoy the view over the Cooks River towards Wolli Creek as you continue on your walk.

Keep walking towards the Novotel and you’ll soon find yourself veering right to follow the footpath.

Cross the road here. Be sure to look left for any cars. Vehicles coming off the main road can approach very quickly so take care when crossing.

On the other side of the road turn left towards the hotel, you'll see a Novotel sign in the nearest driveway. Walk up the driveway and follow it around until you arrive at the entrance to the hotel.

Walk into the lobby and head to reception where our friendly team will welcome you!

If you’d like something to eat and drink when you arrive, you’ll find The Marke Kitchen opposite reception. The Marke Kitchen is open daily for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks.